Sunday, April 29, 2007


Profiles of Anil Agarwal

Following Vedanta's purchase of a huge stake in Sesa Goa there have been a few profile articles on its Chairman Mr. Anil Agarwal.

  1. Rediff: How a small trader became a metal king
  2. Daily News India: A long journey from Bihar’s badlands to London’s Mayfair
The second article has a brief paragraph on Vedanta University. Following is an excerpt.

Struck by the munificence that created Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, and Stanford, Agarwal wants to do something similar in India. So, he is making an endowment of up to $1 billion (Rs4,435 crore) to establish a “world-class, multi-disciplinary university”. His dream project is called Vedanta University and will be set up in the state of Orissa. AT Kearney is the consultant for the project. Agarwal had told DNA Money: “We (the family) have decided to give our wealth back to society,” he said.

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